Tai A Chau (Soko Islands)

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Splitdyboat Soko Islands Ferry Pair-Up 
Date: 26/11/2023(Sun) 
Time: 10AM - 6PM 
Boarding Location: Central Pier No. 9 
Destination: Tai A Chau & Siu A Chau


Destination: Tai A Chau Pier

Type: Round-Trip Ticket


Boat Type: Ferry

Boarding Location: Central Pier No. 9

Journey Time: 1.5 hour

Successful Grouping: 50 pax

Price: $199/pax


Boat Type:Speedboat

Boarding Location: Cheung Chau Public Pier

Journey Time: 20 minutes

Successful Grouping: 7 pax

Price: $390/pax


Boat Type:Speedboat

Boarding Location: Tai O Pier

Journey Time: 35 minutes

Successful Grouping: 8 pax

Price: $500/pax


Boat Type:Speedboat

Boarding Location: Ap Lei Chau Landing No. 2

Journey Time:  45 minutes

Successful Grouping: 8 pax

Type: Round-Trip Ticket

Price: $650/pax


How to Charter Splitdyboat Boat to Tai A Chau (Soko Islands)?

1. After the order is successfully placed, please complete the remittance and send the evidence of payment to our WhatsApp ~ 92295167 within 2 hours, otherwise the order will automatically be cancelled.

2. After confirmation of your payment, we will send you a message in WhatsApp to confirm the order is valid.

3. We will send you a message after the grouping is successful, stay tuned!


Splitdy Boat will notify whether the pairing is succeed at least two days before departure. If successful, you will receive WhatsApp details. If the pairing fails, a full refund will be given within three working days. Please read the disclaimer to learn more.


Private Tour:WhatsApp +852 9229 5167

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Latest Pairing Status Calendar:HK Outlying Islands Boat Schedule



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Tai A Chau Introduction|Tai A Chau History

Tanka People living in Tai A Chau in Ancient Times

Tanka People are active in Soko Islands in Tai A Chau in ancient times as there is rich catch in Soko Islands. The Tankas or you may call them boat people are traditionally lived on junks that have a traditional livelihood of fishing.

Acquired by Real Estate Developers for the Development of Tourism

In 1980, Tai A Chau and Siu A Chau were acquired by real estate developers for the development of tourism. The Real Estate Developers spent around 5 million HKD in total.

Set up of the Detention Center for Vietnamese Boat People

In 1989, in order to deal with the problem of  Vietnamese boat people in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong government established a "Vietnamese Boat people Detention Centre" in Tai A Chau, to accommodate about 5,000 Vietnamese boat people, which is now abandoned.

Riot in Dentetion Center for Vietnamese Boat People

In the morning of August 27, 1989, there was a riot by boat people there. More than 1,000 boat people attacked 50 police officers on duty. The police officers were evacuated for a while. The Marine Police dispatched more than 100 anti-riot teams to suppress it. The police fired a total of 41 rounds of tear gas. One boatman was arrested, and 21 police officers, two sheriffs and four boatmen were injured in the incident. From the next day, the police successfully recovered the whole island. (Source: Ta Kung Po) 

Ta Kung Po News - 28/8/1989 (Source: Ta Kung Po)

Closure of Vietnamese Boat People Detention Centre

In September 1996, The Vietnamese Boat people Detention Centre was closed. The Detention Centre is abandoned up to Now, only the Pedestal Remains there.

Tai A Chau Prison

In 2000, the government and the Security Bureau considered building a Super Prison in Tai A Chau, but finally gave up due to security considerations. The police believe that unless there is a bridge connecting the island to the land, if the only way to transport personnel is by boat or helicopter, it will be difficult for the police to provide quick support in case of emergencies or large-scale accidents, such as riots and large-scale prison escapes.

Typical Example is what happened in Tai A Chau back in 1989, At the peak of the Vietnamese refugee crisis in Hong Kong, the Tai A Chau Vietnamese Detention Center received more than 5,000 Vietnamese boat people, however there was only 50 policemen on duty in Tai A Chau during the riot. The police were outnumbered and had to retreat that night. In the end, it is necessary to send mobile troops and marine police to the island for support by helicopter and marine police in order to control the situation. This reflects that the concept of Prison Island is not feasible.

Set Up of the South Lantau Marine Park 

On June 30, 2022, the South Lantau Marine Park was established, covering the Soko Islands and adjacent waters, including Tai A Chau.

According to the HKAFCD Facebook, due to the rich fishery resources in Soko Islands and Tai A Chau, Chinese white dolphins and Finless Porpoises will come to forage for food. The South Lantau Marine Park was established to focus on the conservation of these two types of dolphins and their habitats. Fishing activities are prohibited in the Core area of ​​the park, and Fishery Optimization Measures will also be carried out to strengthen the conservation of Marine Resources.

Tai A Chau Smuggling

Tai A Chau is located on the Southernmost tip of Hong Kong, and so it is one of the black spot for Smuggling. In September 2014, Seven Bangladeshi illegal immigrants came to Hong Kong by boat from mainland China, and were sent to Tai A Chau by Snakeheads (the leader of Coordinating Illegal Immigrants). However, after they landed, they suddenly realized that Tai A Chau was a deserted and isolated island without any Facilities, Food or Drinks. Finally, they used their mobile phones to ask for help from their friends in mainland China, who then called the Hong Kong police for help. At noon on the 6th of the same month, the Marine Police Command sent personnel to the island for rescue, and then arrested them.

Handling Explosives in Tai A Chau

In 2014, Hong Kong celebrated the National Day of the People’s Republic of China with the cancellation of the fireworks display. As of the 14th of the same month, nearly 24,000 fireworks worth 6 million Hong Kong dollars were transported to Tai A Chau for destruction. The Destruction Process took 11 hours and there were many incidents in Tai A Chau. The explosion turned the brilliant fireworks into a mushroom cloud, and tongues of fire splashed out during the process, burning vegetation and causing a mountain fire. At one point, a fire dragon appeared, and firefighters were required to put out the fire on the spot.

On February 17, 2018, the Lunar New Year Fireworks Display in Hong Kong was cancelled. As of the morning of the 17th, nearly 28,999 fireworks were transported to Tai A Chau for destruction.

Where is Tai A Chau?

Tai A Chau is one of the member of the Soko Islands, located in South Lantau Island. Tai A Chau is located to the South of Siu A Chau, which is one of the Southernmost place in Hong Kong. From the Tai A Chau Map Below, you can tell how close Tai A Chau is to the Boundary between Mainland China and Hong Kong.

Tai A Chau Map

Tai A Chau Attractions

How to Explore Tai A Chau?

The Vietnamese Boat People Detention Centre in the Middle of Tai A Chau is one of the Must-Go Attractions.

Aerial View of The Vietnamese Boat People Detention Centre

Tai A Chau Easy Map

Tai A Chau Hiking



Distance:2.5 kilometers

Duration:3 hours


Exit:Turn Back and Quit at Tai A Chau Pier

Speedboat to Tai A Chau

Starting from Tai O, it takes only 30 minutes to get to Tai A Chau by our Speedboat. While from the Urban District, such as Ap Lei Chau, it takes around 45 minutes. There are in total three piers in Tai A Chau, usually our speedboat will disembark at Tai A Chau Landing No. 3.

[Tai A Chau Landing No. 3 is located on Point (1) of Tai A Chau Map]

Boarding Location of Tai A Chau

Since there is only a Weak Internet and Mobile Phone Signal on Tai A Chau, please wait for our boatman at the same pick-up and drop-off point on the Return Journey.

[Tai A Chau Landing No. 3 is located on Point (1) of Tai A Chau Map]

Fei Kei Teng

Fei Kei Teng is located at the North side of Tai A Chau, with elevation at 86 meters high, which is the Shortest Mountain in Tai A Chau

View of Vietnamese Boat People Detention Centre from Fei Kei Teng

View of Tai A Chau Tung Wan from Fei Kei Teng

Tai A Chau Tung Wan

Tai A Chau Tung Wan is located on the East Coast of Tai A Chau. Starting from the West Coast of Tai A Chau, you can get to the East Coast of Tai A Chau by Crossing through the Vietnamese Detention Centre

Tai A Chau Tung Wan is Just next to the Detention Centre

Tai A Chau Tung Wan is a Good Place to Snorkelling

The Bays in Tai A Chau

Miu Wan

In Chinese, Miu means Temple, while Wan means Bay. On the West Coast of Tai A Chau, there's a bay called Miu Wan and there is a Tin Hau Temple at the back of Miu Wan

Tai A Chau Tin Hau Temple

Tai A Chau Village

Little Lake in Tai A Chau

How to Get to Rock of Boatman Centre Long Live Freedom?

Tai A Chau Easy Map to Find Long Live Freedom Rock

There is a Red Ribbon that Leads the Way to the Long Live Freedom Rock

You Will See a Rock of Earth God (Tu Di Gong) and a Statue of Guan Gong and Guan Yin Under a Tree

Boatman Centre,Long Live Freedom

Tai A Chau Camping

Tai A Chau Camping Location

Tai A Chau is now an uninhabited desert island, with very few people visiting, but there are many intact buildings, and you can set up your camp basically everywhere.

Tai A Chau Camping Facilities

Tai A Chau is a Desert Island with NO Camping facilities. Make sure you have bring Enough Water and Food with you and your friends.

Leave No Trace while Camping in Tai A Chau

Please leave no trace after camping in Tai A Chau, to leave a clean and beautiful natural environment to the others. There is no public transport to Tai A Chau, the rubbish could be left in the island for forever long as no one would pick it up.

Friendly Reminder Camping in Tai A Chau

(1)In Summer, the Weather is so Fluctuated, Make Sure you bring enough Waterproof Stuff and Protect your Electronic Gadgets

(2)In Winter, the Temperature in Tai A Chau could be far lower than the Urban Area, so Make sure you bring Enough Clothes.

(3)WhatsApp 85292295167 to Contact us if you Encounter any Problem in Tai A Chau

Tai A Chau Signal|Tai A Chau Smart Phone Signal

The reception of Signal or Smart Phone Signal in Tai A Chau is really bad, but you may still have one bar.

Tai A Chau Internet, WiFi or 4G, 5G Data

The reception of Internet, WiFi or Smart Phone 4G, 5G Data in Tai A Chau is very bad, you may sometimes have one bar.

Tai A Chau Pavilion

Tai A Chau Sunsets

Tai A Chau is located in the open sea, if you stay overnight, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset!

Tai A Chau Snorkeling

Where to Snorkel in Tai A Chau? Snorkelling Location in Tai A Chau

Coming Soon

Pak Tso Wan

Snorkeling Gear Rental to Tai A Chau

In addition, we also provide Life Jacket and Snorkeling Equipment Rental.

Tai A Chau Coasteering

No. 51 Lighthouse

Other Attractions in Tai A Chau

Tai Chau Mei Teng

Tai A Chau Detailed Information Video

KATE 林樂儀 - Tai A Chau

How to Get to Tai A Chau? How to Go to Tai A Chau?

Tai A Chau Transportation

Speedboat is the Only Transportation to Tai A Chau. Tai A Chau is an island in South Lantau Marine Park in Hong Kong. Currently, the Only Way to get to Tai A Chau is to charter our Speedboat as there is no Public Transportation and Hiking Trail to go to Tai A Chau.

How to Book or Charter Speedboat to Tai A Chau?

(1) Make a booking to Tai A Chau on Splitdyboat’s website in advance

Splitdyboat provides pair-up service and speedboat charter service for you going to Tai A Chau

(2) Tell Splitdyboat the Details of your Tai A Chau Booking in WhatsApp

Let us know the Date, Time, Boarding Location and the number of Passengers of your Tai A Chau Booking

(3)Arrive at the Boarding Location before the Actual Departure Time 

Please arrive before the Actual Departure time and Meet our boatman at the Pier, Details would be announced in WhatsApp Group

Boarding Locations/Embarkation Locations to Tai A Chau

Embarkation Location:Cheung Chau Public Pier (GOOGLE MAP)

Journey Time:20 minutes

How to Go:

(1)Check GOOGLE MAP for the BEST Transportations

(2)Get Off at MTR Hong Kong Station, Central Ferry Pier No.5

(3)Get Off at Cheung Chau Ferry Pier

(4)Walking-Distance 1 minute to Cheung Chau Public Pier

Central <-> Cheung Chau Ferry Boat Schedule:


Cheung Chau Public Pier

Embarkation Location:Ap Lei Chau - Ap Lei Chau Landing No. 3

Journey Time:45 minutes

How to Go:MTR Lei Tung Station Exit A1, Walking-Distance 2 minutes to Ap Lei Chau Landing No.2

Ap Lei Chau Landing No. 3

Embarkation Location:Tai O - Tai O New Ferry Pier

Journey Time:40 minutes

How to Go:Bus 11 (to Tai O) from Tung Chung Town Centre / Bus 1 (to Tai O) from Mui Wo

Tai O Boarding Location

Tai O New Ferry Pier

Tai A Chau Boat Fare

Splitdyboat Provides Several Departure Place to Tai A Chau:

Boarding LocationBoat FareTicket TypeDestination
Cheung Chau Public Pier$390/paxRound-TripTai A Chau Pier
Tai O Bridge$500/paxRound-TripTai A Chau Pier
Ap Lei Chau Landing No. 3$650/paxRound-TripTai A Chau Pier

Tai A Chau Boat Schedule / Tai A Chau Speedboat Schedule

Pairing Calendar: You can find the latest boat schedule on our Pairing Calendar page for both weekdays and weekend to Tai A Chau.

Instagram:Follow our Instagram @splitdyboat to check out the Latest Pairing Status and Offers

WhatsApp:If you want to rent a boat to Tai A Chau, we can also arrange. Feel free to Contact Us in WhatsApp 85292295167

Tai A Chau 100 People Splitdyboat Activity

Date: 25/06/2023

Time: 10AM - 6PM

Boarding Location:Central Pier No. 9

Itinerary: Soko Islands Island Hopping

Upcoming Activities

Date: 26/11/2023(Sun)

Time: 10AM - 6PM

Boarding Location:Central Pier No. 9

Itinerary: Soko Islands Island Hopping

Tai A Chau Photography

Instagram: @katelamlokyee

Instagram: @hansleytravel

Instagram: @splitdyboat

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